Trekking or hiking in the mountains is not always comfortable and sometimes it's even hard. But still, it's a favorite activity of hundreds of thousands of people around the world! There are many good reasons to go trekking, let's look at some of them here.

1. Nature Trekking

Being in the outdoors and experiencing the wild nature, far away from man-made civilization, is for many people the main reason for trekking. You will experience amazing landscapes that you would otherwise just read about in magazines. The first-hand experience is so rich that it can't even be compared to viewing snapshots of places. Being there, the nature will presents itself to you in all its awe and grandeur. It is an experience of a lifetime. But be warned. Trekking can be addictive!

2. Culture Trekking

Trekking is a great way to see cultures that you don't meet in your everyday life. Trekking to exotic destinations, such as the Himalayas or other places, is a sure way to experience new cultures and new ways of life. And why would you want to meet new cultures? The world is a pretty big and amazing place and everyone is different. It can be an enriching life experience to see how other people live, talk with friendly strangers and perhaps even take part in their routines or festivities for a short while. At least you will have great stories to tell your friends!

3. Social Trekking

Trekking is often a quite social activity. As opposed to high-paced sports, you have time to talk with people while you are trekking. Even if you set off alone on a trek, you can often meet other trekkers on the route. Especially around camp sites or trekking lodges, you have time to sit around, relax and chap with the other people there. You can also pre-arrange meet-ups and arrange joint trekking adventures with people you don't know. Just go to one of the online trekking forums and ask if anybody want to join you for a trek. Trekking is a great way to build new friendships as well as make old friendships stronger.

4. Health Trekking

Trekking is a physical activity that is more about endurance than power. Often a trek will last several days, if not weeks. The slow but continuous pace of trekking is great for burning fat and calories, losing weight and getting your body in good shape.

5. Spiritual Trekking

Trekking can also be a spiritual experience. Not in a religious, super-natural way, usually, although some cultures in the Himalayas go on religious pilgrimages to holy "power places" in the Himalayas. But for ordinary trekkers, spiritual trekking is rather in the sense that you get to feel good about yourself, you forget everyday worries, you concentrate your mind on the simple task of walking, you have time to put your mind at peace and perhaps into a meditative state, and often you get a better feel of who you are, and what is important in life!

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